History Event Introduction Over the past centuries in the World, quite a lot has happened. Whatever has happened in the past is often referred to as history. For our study purposes, we are going to consider a historical event which happened in... [ view article ]

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Theories of International Relations (China and USA) Introduction Internal relations can be defined as many things. The definition is dependent on the branch of knowledge that is applying it. However, for this paper, international relations shall be defined as an international system that is made up of... [ view article ]


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The Case of Apple versus the FBI Introduction The case of FBI versus Apple Company arose as a result of the Apple tech firm declining to create new software that will unlock the iPhone of Farook and help the law enforcement agency in investigating the terrorist attack.... [ view article ]


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Hotel Rwanda CRITICAL REVIEW We have been given a task to write a critical review on the theme Conflict and Resolution based on the movie screened, Hotel Rwanda. This film captures the unimaginable violence of genocide by telling the true story of... [ view article ]


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Conflict Resolution Plan Ryan Jensen 624X Leadership Interactions Class 7 Conflict Resolution Plan Version 1. 0: August 24,2010 Conflict Resolution Plan Step One: Set the Scene Make sure that people understand that the conflict may be a mutual problem, which may be best resolved... [ view article ]


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Critical Lens Essay with 1984 Martin Luther King Junior stated that, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. ” In other words you never really... [ view article ]

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Racial Tension Every individual and every country in world are facing with racial tension. Racial tension can be described as, groups of people or more than one race who live around the same area and they are facing a serious conflict with... [ view article ]

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