Conflict of Interest Between President Trump and Businessman Trump

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Today when we hear the term politics or a politician what comes into our mind is favoritism, back-stabbing, self-promotion, and self-interest at its worst. However, politics will always be part of us in life both nationally and in our organizations where we probably work in, therefore, if we go on avoiding and ignoring it will limit us in our organizations and our country. Additionally, our ignorance will also make our nation to suffer economically since these politicians will only benefit themselves and forget the voters.

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Historians say that to be an effective politician you should have a great understanding of the political reality in your country and also be able to develop your political skills.

According to Tillman, politics is always neutral at its core. All politicians have political skills which are either a good political skill or a bad political skill. Most people appreciate leaders with a good political skill while a bad political skill politician leads to a lot of disagreements. Individuals who have a bad mentality of politics frequently associate politics with negative personal experiences. Frequently when a political office works to the advantage of a person, people associate it to justifiable results of good political skills and hard work forgetting that such a person could have used illegal means to be successful.

In the recent time, there is an increase in concern that the Elected President of United States who is also a successful businessman has been using his office for his interest. Investigations suggest that he has been deriving his financial gains and his business with the use of the position he occupies. I would like you to address the following questions;

According to a video done by Richard Painter and Norman Eisen, they describe how president Trump and his children’s have played a major role in violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution.

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