Concepts of Professionalism

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Professional, this is a term used to describe a person’s behavior when it exhibits some form of etiquette. This concept of professionalism is important for those in the workforce.

In order for an employee to be professional they must look the part. By dressing in appropriate clothing the employee my exhibit a more approachable and trustworthy character to clients or patients. Appropriate attire is especially important in a work facility where personal protective gear is required. By wearing the right gear it ensures the protection for both the employee and the patient. Policies on work attire vary from facility to facility but must be followed regardless. Personal protective equipment are given by facility so there is little to no excuse to not wear them.

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Hygiene is also a key concept in maintaining a professional appearance. Body odor should be maintained to a minimal, this can be archived by bathing frequently or applying things like deodorant to eliminate and odor that may cause discomfort to patient. An employee must keep in mind those around them. What certain smells may seem pleasant, to other the smell may irritate and even bother them. However it is understandable that all smells can not be avoided, due to the fact that some of the deodorant products come with an integrated scent.

The manner in which an employee addresses a patient may vary from the way he or she may address a fellow coworker. It is important for those who are speaking to patient directly, talk in a manner in which a patient may understand what is being instructed. Health literacy page 39 in book is Health literacy is an important concept in informed consent. This is the patient’s ability to understand certain medical terminology used in the media and in educational (Fuller, 2013). When speaking to the patient the employee must always keep in mind how they might feel, whether is sad, or angry the employee should know what to do.

However when speaking to a coworker it is good to use the proper terms so no miscommunication may occur according the fuller’s surgical Technology: principles and practice, poor communication results in poor patient care, errors, conflicts, and stress. Communication amongst employees is an important concept, there are five elements into communicating properly these include a sender, receiver, the message, feedback, and the method/type of communication being used. To be able to communicate properly, the employee must learn how to also listen properly as well.

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