Concept of the leader versus the manager as a primary source

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Chapter 1


Leadership skills are the focus of this study and therefore the author will be, in this chapter introduce leadership and the concept of the leader versus the manager as a primary source. In this section the author will define the meaning of leadership enabling one to understand better the next stages of this study. Furthermore one can find the objective of this study and the organisation studied. The structure section will define the construction of the complimenting chapters.

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1.1 Objective

The scope of this organisational case study is to compare and contrast the leadership skills theory and the selected organisation’s leadership and provided the concept of leadership versus management in order to understand better leadership skills which are defined later on in this study. Leadership skills will be reviewed by means of secondary research. Subsequently the leadership skills within the organisation will be studied by means of a primary research methodology. This will enable the author to reach the main objective which aim is to highlight the theory of leadership skills and present findings of the selected organisation’s current leadership practices. One will eventually benefit from the authors recommendations and conclusions based on the out come of the data analysis.

1.2 The Organisation

The selected organisation for this study was HSBC Life Assurance Malta Limited. HSBC Life Assurance Malta Limited was set up in 1995 and is a fully owned subsidiary of HSBC Bank Malta Plc, regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority. Over the years, HSBC Life has developed into one of the leading life assurance product providers on the island with its full and diversified product range, including group and individual term assurance products, mortgage protection policies, etc. This study research thus moves towards assessing all the concepts of leadership styles, skills, coaching, team building.

The organisation is in the direction of the Managing Director.

1.3 Structure

The structure of this study will be based on 5 chapters. The introduction, chapter 1, has highlighted leadership and the concept of leadership versus management, the objective and the organisation under investigation. Chapter 2 will follow with a literature review of leadership skills from previous studies whilst chapter 3 will cover the research methodology. Chapter 4 will present the findings and finally chapter 5 will cover the author’s views and recommendations.

Chapter 2

2.0 Leadership

Leadership can be defined as: “The ability to persuade others willingly to behave differently. The function of team leaders is to achieve the task set for them with the help of the group� (Michael Armstrong 2003: 259).

Another definition of leadership is: “The task of a great leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been…

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