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Changing business needs and industry trends affect all businesses. Some businesses prosper, whiles others barely survive, and many still, close their doors forever. Competitive and adaptive advantages are tools that organisation teams must master to increase their chances of survival.

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Comprehensive needs analysis increases both competitive and adaptive advantages. Strategic planning is a complex process, especially, when data collection is necessary for success. External data collection adds another layer of complexity to the planning process. There are no guarantees that the data will yield positive results for the decision making process. However, taking precautionary measures, organisations can increase the potential for collecting valuable data. Comprehensive data collection and analysis provides a tool whereby the information collection adds value for the organisation. Surveys, interviews, group discussions, task analysis, performance appraisals, observations, incidental procedures, performance analysis, and external scans each tell a story of the information collected via those mediums. Hence, it is imperative for the experts conducting data collection and comprehensive needs analysis be well versed in their craft if they are to improve existing business conditions. The research conducted herein presents a comprehensive needs analysis for the The-Second-Greatest-Company Corporation.

Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA)

Education and employee development is imperative to any organisation. The planning of education and training does not apply to new hires alone, managers and supervisors are equally valued within the organisation. Organisations must ensure that the training and development process is not just a matter of training, but rather to enhance productivity, improve interactive communications, and increase overall return on investments for stakeholders. Hence, all education and training plans must begin with the goals and objectives of the organisation at the forefront of employee development initiatives.

Company Background

This document represents a comprehensive needs analysis conducted on behalf of The-Second-Greatest-Company Inc. (a fictional organisation modeled after a real one; additionally, relevant industry information is factual). The-Second-Greatest-Company is a women owned interior design business started by three college students. The students became friends after taking an art course together. They envisioned an online interior design business that suggested design layouts for college dorms. The-Second-Greatest-Company Inc. receives orders for interior designs via the internet, as well as, their artwork. Interior designs are reasonably priced beginning at ninety-nine dollars for a single dorm. Prices increase with the space size. The business blossomed enough to catch the attention of venture capitalists (this information from the real company, 2015).

Current Literature

Cekada (2010) discusses an example of an employee who accidentally trips over a bucket. The management team immediately suggests more training. But Cekada (2010) questions that motion. Is it actually necessary to conduct training or could other precautions have been taken to avoid slips and trips?

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