Competition within the small business sector

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As in this competition era lots of small businesses are running in this time. So, one of them we are going to explain. Here, we are going to explain about a small business.

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Company has been doing a business in hardware and software area. Apart from this, management wants to expand business in various levels. A management of this company need to make focus on inventory control, sales, profit, facility for customer and main an essential thing is an order checking. More over, a company has major challenges from competitor in a same market place. As per data indication, competitor has efficient structure, higher quality product, various systems compare to this organization and all these sectors are ample for to attract a customer in business. On other side, company has been facing problem with own existing system. Like, stock management, customer relationship management and main issues with an order handling. Conversely, company has strength in a business like, unique service, higher level of employees and other facilities. So, an organization has been facing all these issues in this current time period. On the contrary, a management try to do some diversification in business with use of some strategy and technical tools. And try to grow up business up to some extant.

Research Back Ground

In this competition environment for any business whether it belongs from small company or multi national industry competitor always rise in same market place. And create a competition in business environment. But, only few of them can get succeed in this area with prop of their extremely higher level of management and qualitative strategy. As we have seen that company has problems with its exiting system and business is not handled by management in well manner. First of all, SWOT analysis will reveal a description about company or this analysis will show mirror of exiting system. As we know that S indicates Strength of company. For this company its own reputation in a market place and main an essential thing is a best level of customer service and giving qualitative service. Apart from this, an organization is providing other facilities compare to its competitor. More over, weakness and Threat indicates internal problem in this current system. Other side, with prop of some management strategy and implementing a tools will create an opportunities for this company.

Problem Identification

As we have seen a structure of a company and challenges from its competitor. In addition, we saw a company has some strength. But, here Weakness and Threat for this current exiting system can easily identify. In addition, company has many problems with its exiting system. Fristly, major problem with this exiting system is an if we talk about Stock Management. In addition, management not taking aware about this vital issues which will influence in a future for business.

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