Competition between Traditional Luxury Brands and Recent Development Luxury

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This article examines an analysis of fashion and accessible luxury in the industry which gives out clusters of different companies which could be identified based on the base of the set contingent variables which are derived from there supply chain. Our accord will be based on different luxury companies which belong to different industrial sectors. According to the recent service oriented most of the customers and suppliers are centered in the shift firm which is focused on one brand of the fashion at a residual time and this ensures that different authors of the article to give focus on the theoretical framework of different types of the luxury brands.

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Most of the brand names in the fashion industry are different as we compare with the traditional luxury brands and difference comes in the pricing of the brands which to some extend its unreasonable as addressed in the findings. In the recent changes some industries are publishing more than 100 fashion brands whereby the highest percentage is based on the recent development in the market sector. Then in the process some question arises which focus on the formation of new brands and they can be for human desires. In this article will examine some of the hidden facts about some of the aspects which rely on this brands marketing, imaging and the quality of the product as we compare between the two sessions.


Brand is an image that is associated with product that is particular to a certain company and to some extend it can be associated with the entire company depending on the level of customer’s choice. In this article there are different brands that have been focused based on the competition and how we can achieve its marketing and exposure of the brand? Most of study shows that for any brand to be known there are must some positive results which will recognize the preferably of the product. As an example, the American apparel had its fair publicity in the past as it focused on traditional brands, which suffered major, loses form the negative imagine of the brands form customers (Reddy & Parent, 2009, p. 192).

Luxury is an old view which was started in the traditional errors, however the idea of luxury brands has a special form of branding which is accompanied by the workforce and the affluent of consumption lifestyle. Therefore, due to some of the changes in the years, the market expanded and started offering some transformed fashion, which erupts from small level to family owned businesses (Phan, 2011, p. 84). Most of the changes were effective based on the value of the fashion brand if we compare between the two level states. Due to this some corporations were made which focused on the investment of the strategic management,

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