Competency Framework in Prescribing

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Communication between the doctor and the patient determines the success of the consultation. Hence, there is a high correlation between medical outcomes and the consultation that exist between medical practitioners and patients. Point to note is that patients are not only physically ill or distressed emotionally but also are likely to be suffering from both conditions exclusively.

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During the consultation process it is hard to determine whether both states prevails or not. Therefore, the medical practitioner, is required to use the skills attained in the medical training to learn the prevailing condition. Being keen and listening to the patient is what the doctor is expected to show in the commencement of the treating of the patient. Moreover, the medical practitioner will determine while noting whether the patient is physical or emotionally distressed or even goes without to mention that the medical practitioner is required to involve the patient actively in the process (Shirley 2012). Traditionally medical consultation did not evidently show the involvement but till lately the status quo where the society and health sector has embraced the changes. Also, the reduction in the risk factors has been emphasized mostly, to persuade the patients to embrace the preventive measures and convince them to avoid risks to their health. Consequently, most of the patients have shown the urge to know more than they see some issues(Dean 2013).Additionally, they have demonstrated the need to be involved in the decisions concerning their welfare and treatment in that matter. This decides the probabilities of the success in the treatment and probably the side effects of the medical treatment. However, some patients decide to leave the decision making of their health to the medical practitioners. Though this is right, but it is crucial and advisable to be the part of patient treatment. When the decision is left on the doctor’s freedom, he or she has supposed to advice accordingly the patient on the probabilities of success and the side effects as well (PSNC 2013) Worth to note, while building the relationship between the patient and the doctor, the medical practitioner is expected to greet the patient and welcome them warmly, and if possible would be appropriate to greet them by their name. This creates a good a rapport and the patient has the feeling of belonging in the medical facility. Next, the medical practitioner is expected to observe and detect any emotional distress and respond accordingly (Shirley 2012). That said, the medical practitioner now is involved in keen listening to the patient noting down the physical and psychological distresses that they may be prevailing in their reach of treatment. Also, the medical practitioner takes the data from the patient noting them down without interruption.

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