Comparison of Qatar And Oceania

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Though George Orwell’s 1984 may seem shockingly unrealistic, sadly enough, the inhumane treatment and violations of human rights found in the novel occur today around the world, such as in Qatar.

Qatar is located next to the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia. The capital is Doha. According to Lewis and Skutch, Qatar occupies 4,412 square miles that contains petroleum and natural gas, which is the country’s main source of income. As of 1999, Qatar’s population was around 720,000. The primary language is Arabic but English is also widely spoken. Qatar is led by the Al-Thani family and lacks a legislature. The adult males of the family pick the emir, whom is the leader and prime minister. The emir appoints members of the executive Council of Ministers. The emir holds complete power, but is kept in check by religious laws, consulting with leading citizens, rule by a consensus, and any citizen being able to ask the emir to appeal government decisions.

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Qatar is known for its lack of religious freedom. As told in the Qatar 2017 International Religious Freedom Report, the emir of Qatar has to be Muslim. Along with that, apostasy- converting from Islam to another religion- is strictly prohibited and is illegal. Even if a non-Muslim woman has a child with a Muslim man, the child is required, by law, to be raised Muslim. The Qatari government strongly supports the Islamic religion and frowns upon most other religions. An example of this can be seen by a law to makes different religions first register through the government in order to obtain a place of public worship, though most of these religions remain private. The government is stubborn in the types of religions it will allow or support.

The exclusive religion in Oceania is represented by Big Brother. This is made known, as all citizens are required to obey the rules given by Big Brother, who is their leader. Anyone thought to be conspiring against Big Brother is to be found and punished. Children are raised to follow Big Brother and even spy for him. There are no other religions, and any other suspected religions are to be compromised. The government in Oceania required that all citizens must follow Big Brother and obey his every command. Big Brother is the only religion that the government will allow in order to keep unity and control over the citizens of Oceania.

Censorship is used to eliminate disruptive or derogatory material that the government would like to keep secret. This is seen in Qatar as, starting in 2006, Qatar’s internet provider, Qtel, started to block websites that include political criticism of Gulf leaders, anti-Islamic themes, or pornography. In addition, several online chatting sites are also being blocked, as they serve a threat to the telephone business,

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