Comparison between the Japanese and the American Culture in the Gung Ho Film

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Gung Ho is a movie that gives a candid parallelism that exists between the Japanese and the American culture. A movie explores the experiences of a Japanese company that has relocated to the America in search of perhaps better opportunity. The film through the experiences of the Japanese protagonist explores the challenges that they face as they are presented with a completely different culture from what they are accustomed (Howard et al).

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Hunt who is an American but working in the Japanese company at times get in conflict such that thy even once engage in a physical fight in front of everyone. Ultimately, the two main characters learn the only way to survive in their diverse environment, is to cooperate and accept the cultural differences instead of being rigid.

One factor that stands out between the culture of Japanese and the culture of the Americans is their perception about work and teamwork. The movie is marked by the differences in their working ethics such hat Kazihiro who represents the Japanese culture is of the school of thought about the need to have the collectivism concept; The concept of working together to achieve a common goal. Duties are not taken as a particular person’s responsibility but as a collective duty for everyone to participate in. the Americans on the other hand are all about individualism. It is in their culture to value accountability for one’s action and everyone is expected to bare their own cross. They work best when the jobs are assigned and then they all work separately to achieve the miniature objectives that are thereafter combined to form the ultimate mission of the company. The Americans resist the concepts that Kazihiro presents to them, until Hunt, their fellow American compromises on adapting some of the ideologies as they proved to be productive and the company improved their sales (Howard et al.). The clash and the disagreement are however brought out by the fact that the people do not have the same culture and the difference brings about the differences. The Americans believe in the need for individualism and it is hence their culture. The Japanese on the other hand, believe in the need for collectivity as in working as a team, to achieve the set target. The movie however elaborates to the user the need for one to have the knack for accommodating other cultures albeit they may seem a tad inferior to theirs since they might have an answer to a problem that one has.

The clash between the two cultures also become clear when the workers differ on how some work should be done as in this case painting a car. The American and the Japanese culture have different way of doing things such that they go through a different method but they deliver the same work as they would done had they done the alternate way.

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