Compare Business Analysts From IT and Business

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Abstract This first part of the paper will look into details about the background of the business analysts and see what are some competences and transferrable skills they may have in becoming a successful business analyst. It will then look into one of the dilemmas that many organizations face today namely whether to outsource, buy or build equipment in house.

  1. Essay: Compare business analysts from IT and Business. Which ones are more effective in what situations? Give examples.

The profession of a business analysts represents a myriad of professional career background. It is their background that drives the way that a business analyst approaches analysis project and think about business solution. There’s a long standing debate regarding the level of knowledge one needs to have either in IT or business because for instance, an individual who is fluent in given technology does not automatically qualify him or her as a business analyst. In reality, there’s a long list of varied answers like any other profession but it is indeed one of many competencies that a successful business analyst must possess. Then the question is, where do most business analysts come from? The majority of business analysts today come from both IT background and business areas. In the best situations, the business analysis professional has a combination of IT and business skills. Business analysts coming from IT background has both positive and negative aspects. Those with IT background has better understanding of computers and technology and are very agile in making changes and diagnosing issues. As they are very analytical individual, they have strong problem-solving skills and communication skills. In addition, as they are solution oriented, they know and will recommend what technologies and software development are available. They have emphasis on solution design, inherent logical thinking patterns and attention to detail which can shed a light to a problem from a new perspective. However, there are also some drawbacks with business analysts coming from the IT side. They have tendency of looking from one area i.e. IT perspective and does not take holistic view of the problem, coming up with IT solution rather than business solution and jump to solutions without giving much thought about enterprise as a whole. They may not consider process changes or organizational changes as effective methods for problem solving. Furthermore, they may not understand the time required to implement a change in business procedures when new software is deployed. Therefore, they need to learn to have a business thinking mind by understanding the vision, mission and goals of the business and adjust their view of technology to one that supports the business goal rather than driving them. Likewise, individuals from business units have equally both positive and negative aspects that complements the other. They can recommend procedural or workflow changes to improve efficiency in their areas. In addition they show strong analytical and problem-solving skills within the business area along with strong communication skills with management and their co-workers (Carkenord 2009,

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