Compare and Contrast the Two Texts

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Virginia Colony(what to do) •Choose a river bank on which to settle •To defend against Spanish florida, make a stoure at the end of the river with enough room for 10 men; leave a boat with them so that they cwarn you about an attack. •Stay away from the native Americans or they’ll side with your enemies •3 parties-1 fortifies, another one takes care of the crops, and the last one goes on to discover more land and search for minerals. •Trade with the Indians If you shoot, choose the best so that you don’t miss and they will come to fear you •Build store houses first before any private houses •Serve and fear God •Started for the profit •Don’t advertise the killing of your own men Plymouth(what happened) •Started for self fulfillment •Decided to leave the area they were in •The new place they settled in was difficult to live in so only a few people wanted to come over •The people who stayed dealt with these difficulties with some form of cheerfulness, even in their old age. Although some people didn’t work. The parents became sad when their children had to carry the same burdans as the adults and became oppressed and decrepit •All the work they are doing should be leading them to the Kingdom of God •Seemed like a format to follow for future colonies •All great feats come with great difficulties and they must be done with amazing courage. Nothing is invincible. The two texts were different for a few reasons. First, they were started for separate reasons; The Virginia Colony was started so investors back in Europe could make a profit while the Plymouth Plantation was started for self-fulfillment. Second, The Virginia Colony text was essentially a set of instructions for the Virginia colony to follow.

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