Consumption Patterns of Soft Drinks and Fruit Juices

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Comparative Study On Consumption Patterns Of Soft Drinks And Fruit Juices A COMPARATIVE STUDY ON CONSUMPTION PATTERNS OF SOFT DRINKS AND FRUIT JUICES EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Soft Drinks were common preference among all the individuals before juices were being introduced, With the changing lifestyle and income levels, people are shifting their consumption patterns and have therefore become more health conscious thus leading to increase in demand of juices. Market Research is based on some underlying parameters like: • Changing consumption pattern Health factor • Status consciousness • Varying lifestyle The basic subject matter of the research, comparative analysis of Soft Drinks and Juices is focused to study the mind/taste of different age group of people. The study starts with determining the major players in the soft drinks and the juices market, their overall consumption pattern among the people and ends up with the conclusion as per the state of mind of the average rational human being. TABLE OF CONTENTS Certificate from the Institute( Acknowledgement( ( Executive Summary Chapter-1   Introduction   Page No( 1. 1 Beverage 8 1. 2 Overview of the Industry 11 1. 3 Recent issues 14 1. 4 Study of growth of Soft Drink market 20 1. 5 Major players in Soft Drinks segment: Coca-cola                                                     21 Trends In Consumption Patterns Trends in Consumption Patterns This article is designed to: 1. define economics, 2. define microeconomics, 3. define law of supply, 4. define the law of demand, and 5. to identify the factors that lead to a change in supply and a change in demand. Economics is defined as: The social science that deals with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services and with the theory and management of economies or economic systems (www. answers . com accessed 02Oct07). Basically I believe that this means that you are trying to interpret how people will react. Economics is broken down into 2 parts Micro and Macro economics. Microeconomics is defined as: The study of the operations of the components of a national economy, such as individual firms,

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