Comparative Study for Tess of D’urbervilles and Jude of the Obscure

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The book of D’Urbervilles, the problems of Tess tend to start when his father comes to know that their family came from ancient family. She experiences pressure which makes her to approach Alec D’Urberville who seduces her. Later they bear a kid together but the kid dies at her infancy stage.

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Thereafter, Tess falls in love with Angel. She tells her story of D’Urberville to Angel who does not become happy about it because he says she is not pure hence he leaves claiming that D’Urberville may come back to her. Tess becomes desperate up to an extent where she become the mistress of Alec until Angel comes back. Tess kills Alec and escapes with Angel but she is later caught and charged with murder and eventually she is killed. On the other hand Jude has an ambition of joining the university. He is distracted by the village girl and they end up delivering the child together. Later they separate and Jude tries to pursue her dreams and goals (Hardy, 12-14). The university rejects him hence leading him to work as the stonemason. In the process he come to meet his cousin who is more educated and intelligent than him. In the process they start a relationship and finally they end up having kids together. They experience a lot of problems together up to an extent the kid of Arabella kills the kid they have delivered with her cousin. The kid of Arabella finally kills himself. At the end the two separates and her cousin goes back to her husband and Jude goes back to Arabella who they had kid together before. The paper is going to explore different aspects that are read from the two books. The aspects are, the changing of the ideas for the Social Class, women being dominated by the men, love, the existence of injustice and the naturalistic nature.

In Hardy’s book, Jude is portrayed as the dreamer. Jude becomes a prisoner for her own physical nature and one of the desperate haunting creations. Jude is dark and not sympathetic account for the insuperable obstructions of the existence of human that show the yawning of Hardy for spiritual values that passed and the despair of their fall.

In D’Urbervilles, Hardy shows the issues about the mores that concern the sexuality in the society. This done through him questioning the compassionate of the society and the defending of the heroine who becomes seduced, and raped with the son of the employer. She delivers an illegitimate child and she is rejected by the man who she married and loved. She is finally killed for the murdering of the original lover (Thomas, 34-45).

Hardy brings out the class of the education system as being challenged.

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