Communism under Ceausescu

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Communism can generally be defined as a regime enforced by conquerors. However, it was not characterized only by terror and oppression, as such an establishment would not be possible to function. Some form of commanding or to the least a number of social categories were also necessary.

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Communism implied the birth of a world turned upside down (Boia, page 111) and attracted those who sustained higher hierarchy and believed to profit due to their own advancements on the scale as those on the less fortunate end would decrease even less than the little they had; in other words the process of some moving up while others were moving down. (Boia, page 111) As equality and liberty were considered to be the target of a democracy, Communism highlighted equality at the expense of liberty. Communism claimed to create this so-called world in which equality prevailed by taking out of existence factor such as exploiters and social discrepancies. The ironic factor is that, in fact, it established the opposite. The most prevalent problem with Communism is that society could not function without several crucial factors such as competition and individual motivation.

Romania was taken by surprise by this new form of regime. Communism was a foreign idea to this country as it was mostly rural, which went against Marxist economical and historical values which considered that this form of establishment was more appropriate to happen in the industrialized West, such as Great Britain, rather than the agrarian and pre-Capitalist East like Russia and Romania. What happened with the Communist initialization in Romania was rather sudden and forced. Such forced industrialization absorbed a large number or the agricultural population and redistributed it into so-called town. These people became known as town-dwellers as they were a rather median division between rural and urban civilization.

In terms of democracy, Romanians had limited understanding of what it meant. Their generalized reaction to authority was that of a mixture of both respect and fear. Thus, it was easy or Communism to take full advantage of mentality and came down on Romanians in a sudden and brutal manner.

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