Communication Within Millennials

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Communication Within Millennials

Before the invention of the telegraph in 1844 by Samuel Morse a message traveled through the body’s oral cavity and right into the earlobe. Today individuals communicate via email, social media messaging, texting, and types of technology that avoids instant responses and the anxiety of being in the presence of another person. The approach of communication has changed a lot due to technology.

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With the great increase in mobile technology and smartphone usage comes the question of how communication has been negatively changed as a result. Millennials have grown up developing communication skills with people by talking with them mostly in person and over the phone, they have had to rewire their lives when technology boomed all over the world. In today’s generation, we portray poor communication skills because we are focusing on communicating mainly through texting and social media.

In an Atlantic article, A New Kind of Social Anxiety in the Classroom, Alexandra Ossola reveals the idea that younger children have been using certain aspects of technology to avoid the building social skills. It has been debated that some smartphone owners go on their phone to avoid certain aspects of everyday conversation. After a while, people become accustomed to looking at their phone to communicate, rather than talking with someone else in person. This habit can make people feel uncomfortable with talking to others in person, and disrupt the connection and bonding that could have been. Alexandra stresses the importance of communication among society, we each need to feel a sense of belonging. With the growing technology businesses and corporation,

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