Communication through Information Technology

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Table of Contents Introduction Globalization Communication Cost Effective Bridging Cultures More Time Job Creation Unemployment Privacy Lack of Job Security Dominant Culture Conclusion Bibliography


Communication through information technology has literally changed our lives. Some people will say that this is for the better. They say that because of IT, we are far more aware of what happens in the world, that it’s cost effective, that we can communicate easier with others, that IT has created more jobs and that it saves time in the long run. Others say that our reliance on information technology is not always a good thing. They say that it has led to people losing their jobs, a lack of privacy, a lack of job security and a creation of a dominant culture in the form of America. This report will look at both sides of the argument in more detail.

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The world has become a much smaller place in recent years. This is largely due to the Internet. It has become much easier and cheaper to communicate with family and friends around the world using sites like Skype and social media networks such as Facebook or Google+. The internet has also opened up the world of online shopping. In 2012, 43% of Irish consumers purchased online last year. 75% of these purchases were spent outside of Ireland (Farrelly, 2013). This surge in on-line shopping is not limited to downloading music through iTunes and the like but downloading books, purchasing electronics and clothes through sites such as Littlewoods or Amazon. The Chinese on-line market is seen as the new frontier for Irish shoppers to buy on-line with the price of the goods outweighing the waiting period for the product to be received. Information Technology includes smartphones and tablets which have become extremely popular in the last number of years. Android and Apple are the largest manufacturers of smartphone and tablet operating systems. Over a billion phones and tablets use the Android operating system, making it the most popular in the world (, 2014). Apps on these operating systems include Skype which allows users to video call to messaging apps like WhatsApp which is an internet led messaging app that allows users to send group messages. All of these allow us to communicate faster, cheaper and easier than ever before. E-mail has made it easier and faster to communicate with friends or colleagues throughout the world.


It has never been easier to communicate with family and friends around the world. Letters and faxes to colleagues are being fast replaced by e-mail. E-mail allows users to easily communicate with colleagues or clients in a quick and efficient way. Delivery reports can be requested on some e-mails sent ensuring that the sender is aware when the e-mail has been delivered.

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