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There are lots of publications and reports are written on Voice over LTE lately about amplified bandwidth advantages of Long Time Evaluation and Communication Service Providers (Communication Service Providers) approach to install this is also in research to improve this technology as the 4G foundation. Many Communication Service Providers have been declared their LTE plans and from those some of them already have even begun limited LTE data trials. In next generation For sure there’s an approaching wave of network improvements and new handsets devices that will definitely renovate mobile broadband.

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Communication Service Providers taking into consideration the transition to LTE data are faced with the assessment of whether to also put forward LTE voice services consecutively to improved utilization of the latest network infrastructure, or install LTE data-only set-up. Fundamentally, it seems that the requirement is there to transition to LTE voice faster slightly than presently. This approach provides sense as LTE need completely new radio access equipment, from transmitter to base station regulator upgrades, and maintaining two radio contact networks very much amplify OPEX which may be finest extend across a wider sector of contributions.

It is the ‘how’ to deal out LTE voice services that has produced uncertainty. When LTE was formerly envision the conservative thinking was that the COMMUNICATION SERVICE PROVIDER’s networks would have transitioned to IMS architectures by then and consequently voice on LTE would obviously be based on VoIP. The actuality is that as of this writing, there are extremely a small number of true IMS production networks in place and so Communication Service Providers have to settle how to rapidly install LTE with the certainty of network alteration timelines and resources.

Certainly there are alternative on how to advance with voice delivery structure. The conditions of which is the ordinary agreement that present 2G and 3G systems will be in set for some time for the future, and consequently Communication Service Providers have to take into consideration not only how their systems network will develop, but how to sustain roaming and give up across numerous Communication Service Providers. Besides, the prospect is that existing 2G / 3G subscribers will be to drift to 4G as Communication Service Providers make possible upgrade incentive, which puts extra burden of facilitating quality and service similarity as part the improve as subscribers will be expecting their present call feature set to act the same once they promoted.

Options for voice delivery are:

  • Dual Mode Handsets:

o Support both GSM and UMTS means that users are capable of roam in-out through national and international networks and make certain service stability when LTE networks up to now not fully built up.

  • 3GPP IMS:

o The upgrading of the core network to IMS architecture opportunity might take by the COMMUNICATION SERVICE PROVIDER.

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