Communication in Corporate America

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Running Head: COMMUNICATION IN CORPORATE AMERICA Communication in Corporate America David Tamene Davenport University MGMT 535 Dr. Ruth September 16, 2009 Introduction Communication is one of the most vital components of a business! It is imperative that every business practices good communication within its members. From a managerial perspective, mangers have to make sure they carry out effective communication skills by actively listening to verbal and nonverbal messages. A fundamental strength of great leaders is that they communicate a powerful sense of urgency that mobilizes all troops in pursuit of a brighter and better future (Richardson, 2009). Communication is necessary for all walks of life. It is necessary in the workplace, between employees and their managers, CEOs, and fellow employees. According to one article by McEwen, communication is directly linked to company profits (Ewen, 1998). Furthermore, communication is necessary in maintaining healthy relationships between family and friends, and especially with significant others. The present paper will analyze how and where communication was impaired and the resulting consequences it created in a very prominent financial company. Smith Financial Corporation was established in the 1800s and served many Fortune 500 companies ( Mcjannet, Hattersley, 2008). In the late 1990s, the Smith group was in need of a new Assistant Vice President and Director of Data Management. It was at this time that Frank Miller was hired. Before joining the Smith Financial Group, Miller worked as a consultant and published a few articles. Miller was keen to learn about Microsoft and thus attended many conferences. When Miller was hired at the Smith Financial Corporation, they were very eager and enthusiastic about Miller. The managers, supervisors, programmers, vice president, and CEO welcomed Miller as though he was a divine intervention whom would “fix” all their problems. However, to the contrary, this did not yield to be the case. Soon after joining the Smith Financial team, Miller was creating all kinds of turmoil; from alienating people, to not listening to anyone’s ideas, to purchasing a “push technology” worth $45,000, not heeding any ideas except his own, and undermining everyone’s intelligence, Miller was creating problems left and right. Six months after being hired at Smith Financial Corporation, Frank Miller was relieved of his duties as Assistant Vice President and Director of Data Management. “The Internet is known as the global communications network and it is being called by many experts the most promising avenue for business in existence today. Through the use of Internet, companies and government agencies worldwide are finding exciting new ways to serve their customers and communicate with each other” (Dorobek, 2009). Though the internet is our new means of communication, I believe it is one of the biggest culprits for miscommunication within an organization, amongst peers, and in personal relationships. As mentioned earlier, communication is a key in every aspect of daily life. A prime example, in which communication lacked or was impaired, was in the case of Frank Miller and the Smith Financial Corporation. The root of the huge problem experienced by the Smith Financial Corporation when they hired Frank Miller was communication!

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