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Communication Channels Paper HCS/320 Judd Shank Erin Griffin August 23, 2010 Communication is split into two parts one being the message or content and the channel it’s transmitted on. For example, you may want to communicate something about your emotional state, let’s say you are happy. You can communicate that over a variety of channels. They are writing a letter, sending an email, communicate it non-verbally or para-verbally, tape recording, etc. , of how excited you are. The way health care organizations disseminated health information internally are in a variety of ways. The varieties of ways are memos, emails, letters, and telephone, and person to person. Health care organizations also disseminate health information externally as well. The varieties of ways externally are telephones, letters, email and memos, and person to person. What is important is that the different communication channels have different strengths and weaknesses (Bascal& Associates, 2008). The ways health care organizations disseminate health information internally are in a variety of ways. Internally in an organization there are many different ways each member of staff is disseminating health information to patients and other staff members. A staff member would not speak to a patient the same way they would another staff member. A patient might not understand some of the medical terminology as another staff member would. The key to finding the joy in practicing medicine lies in communicating with patients about their whole being rather than just focusing on their ailments, says dermatologist Steve Shama, M. D. (Gagnon, 2004). Staff in health care organizations also communicates via email, memos, and letters and on tape. Doctors would more than likely send emails and on tape as well to other doctors about patients’ diagnosis and prognosis. Memos are generally used from higher department heads to lower department staffing for a reminder about meetings or any other information from department to department. The success of health care delivery depends greatly upon open channels of communication between the health care provider and the patient (Diaz-Duque, 1989). To compare and contrast the variety of channels communication is passed internally and externally. Health care organizations use technology a lot to dispense their communication internally and externally. Clinics and hospitals use the intra-net which is the internet through only that organization for some of the employees. Certain computers do not have internet but are able to use the intra- net through the organization. Clinics and hospitals use this type of communication to pass on reminders, memos, letters, directions and etc. to other employees within the organization. Communications can be facilitated by technology. Healthcare providers organize practices, hospitals, and nursing homes have tremendous needs to effectively communicate their organizations and between their organizations. The focus on electronic medical records comes not only from the need to communicate but also from a desire to reduce administrative costs and to improve services and quality of care to patients.

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