Common Type Of Diabetes

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This essay details the causes of type 2 diabetes and describes what kind of behavior can effectively improve or prevent type 2 diabetes. The essay cites three studies to prove that physical status, especially obesity increases the likelihood of having diabetes. Secondly, psychological pressure and eating habits are among the influencing factors.

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In addition to medical treatment for type 2 diabetes patients, there are many ways to effectively help and overcome the disorders. For example, with a reasonable diet and trying to avoid high cholesterol food. Keeping exercising but do not exercise too intensely. Maintaining a healthy state and mindset is also essential.
Keywords: type 2 diabetes, obesity, etiology, exercise habits, lifestyle.


Part 1
If assume that my family member has a high chance of type 2 diabetes, and doctors recommend proper management of the lifestyle. After understanding and analysis of the life habits, I find that when life is busy, there is not much time and effort spent on diet for the family member. So ignoring breakfast or fast food became a substitute. And there is no time for exercise, inactive has become the state of life. In my nutrition class, I learned that the causes of type 2 diabetes may be affected. For psychological stress, the instability or panic caused the blood glucose and blood lipids to fluctuate, which affected the normal operation of insulin. When the emotions are reasonably controlled, insulin will play a normal role.

Type 2 diabetes is a common type of diabetes. Unlike type 1 diabetes, it does not mean to say that the body’s immune system is destroyed. It states that the body can still produce insulin, but it cannot be effectively used, which means it will be resisted. For some people, there may be too much insulin in the body, so it needs to be treated by oral means. Insulin is a hormone that is secreted by cells in the pancreas. It also has metabolic effects on sugar, and can promote the consumption, storage and utilization of sugar. For people with diabetes, if the blood sugar level in the body is already too high, the condition will increase. And also Insulin is the only factor that can lower blood sugar.

Part 2
Obesity is one reason that causes type 2 diabetes, because high blood sugar has caused damage of the muscles in the long-term. Blood glucose consumption has not been saved, but has


Although long-term injection of insulin can promote the synthesis of fat, it still prevents the decomposition of fat. So the symptoms of obesity in patients are getting worse.
So for adults or older people,

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