Commercial Whaling

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If Commercial Whaling Was Reinstated What Effects Would It Have On The Environment? The history of commercial whaling is a long dark period in our time. It is full of the bloodshed of many innocent creatures. When commercial whaling started in 1910 the average numbers of whales killed per year were around 12,000. Then 30 years later the number jumped to 40,000. This was decimating to the whale populations, some near the brink of extinction. Then in 1946 the IWC (International Whaling Commission) was formed. The IWC was created to help the regulation of whaling. They placed moratorium on commercial whaling, thus banning its practices. But by the time this happened the whale populations were dwindling and the prey from these creatures were gaining numbers. Now the numbers of whales are beginning to restore, and there is a sense of equality; But now their thinking of taking the moratorium away and raising the catch limits of whaling. If commercial whaling were to be reinstated what effects will it have on the environment? In 1848 whaling started up with the introduction of the exploding harpoon (Key). At the start the numbers of whales killed per year were 12,000 (History). At the beginning the whales were brought ashore to be processed, but in 1924 the first ships that processed whales while at sea appeared (History). Along with this the methods of killing the whales were mainly harpoon the being until its death. This being a factor the number of whales killed per year rose from 12,000 to 40,000 (History). As each species of whales kept getting exploited the whalers would move onto the next abundant species (History). Of all the species being exploited the blue whale was the most decimated. In 1930 to 1931 the number of blue deaths reached 29,000 (Key). Then as blue whale numbers became scarce then whalers went to fin whales, then the sei whales. But now to the train has lead straight to the minke whales. The whales were being things such as oil,

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