Comestibles aldor s.a

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Executive Summary

It is not common when a company like Comestibles Aldor S.A. opens itself to investors. Aldor is an extremely liquid company that is extremely successful and ambitious, but wants something more.

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It is the type of company that looks for something else, someone that is willing to put more than money into a company, an individual that feels they are part of the organization. This type investor will not only invest money, but themselves. They will immerse themselves in a product they believe in and keep the company’s vision of bringing joy to the world.

At Aldor we believe that if an individual has a stake in something, they will work as if it was theirs, but if they like the product, it will be part of their life. The company has managed to go into over 60 countries but it is going to try a new approach, something that is innovative like the rest of the company; something unprecedented. We want to present to the world the joy of life and we are looking for someone to help us do so in another country, Canada.

As in every new market, Canada poses new challenges, challenges for which we need an investor from the country itself to launch the product. At Aldor we believe that having someone from within the country that knows the market, how it operates and more importantly, how people think, is only a recipe for success. It is the essence of what we believe in and it is the essence of what you will too.

We are presenting to you Videns Joy, a product that keeps the company’s vision of bringing joy to the world and a profit that few companies are able to offer. It is in a recession like the one we are in that we are able too see a hole in the market, a gap that has yet to be filled.

Fortunately we have an answer, the product we are about to present will not only satisfy this gap but will give you the opportunity to be part of it. Videns Joy will consist of a new chewing gum that will not only enhance the way people live, but it will become part of their life.

Videns will present the consumer a less expensive, more nutritious and more convenient way of being healthy while giving them a natural boost. It is this chewing gum that will set the benchmark of health products and the way they are ingested.

One hand cannot clap by itself, it needs another one, we want this other hand to be you.

To launch a one-year campaign in Canada and produce Videns Joy, we will need to expand the factory and buy new machinery.

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