Combating Holocaust Denial

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The Holocaust has been an undisputed fact of history since WW2. Yet there are people out there who deny that it ever happened, or that the events presented to us are altered in some way, be it death count or how the prisoners were actually treated. This belief first appeared almost immediately after the end of World War 2, as people were just learning about the brutality of the Nazi regime.

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A combination of shock and horror of the violence that could be inflicted upon another human being made belief difficult, and had people creating lighter, less horrific stories to ease them.

Historically, Holocaust Denial started as the Nazis destroying all documents of their deeds as to cover up what happened in the horror camps. Then later, people were appalled at the reports that came out regarding the concentration camps. Not to mention that previously, there was an anti German account in the papers called The German Corpse Factory that made fallacious claims. These lies undermined the validity of the news from the camps and made sending relief difficult. Furthermore, when put on trial, the Nazis claimed that the camps were lies put up by the Brits in an attempt to get them sentenced, and cited the Corpse Factory as proof that they had lied once before. Actually the Corpse Factory story is cited as a particular reason for why people doubted the Holocaust because, as the Christian Century put it The parallel between this story and the ‘corpse factory’ atrocity tale of the First World War is too striking to be overlooked.

Some early major players in denying would be several members of the SS. They claimed that the Holocaust was nothing but a lie spread throughout the world to discredit and vilify them. They were able to able to build some form of a defense because of precautions they took during, the germans wrote down as little as possible about their plans/ orders to avoid having documents fall into oppositions hands. Most of the killing orders were communicated verbally, particularly with the higher-ups. Hitler’s order to kill Jews was issued only on a need-to-know basis. The leaders generally avoided detailed planning of killing operations, preferring to proceed in a systematic but often improvised manner. The Germans destroyed most documentation that did exist before the end of the war, making it hard to pin them with the crime. With a lack of documented evidence, they were able to convince some of the population that the Holocaust was a lie.

Even the modern heralds for Denial, cite this lack of documented evidence as an important detail for denying. Most notable modern denyers include; B.o.B who said in his song Flatline Do your research on David Irving, Stalin was way worse than Hitler,

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