College Writing Skills

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Students at the high school are expected to take a series of the regents’ exams so as to graduate from the high school. The education given to students is just for helping them to graduate high school so that they may be prepared well for their college careers. This provides a hindrance of whether students are properly prepared and equipped for college.

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There are strict roles in the departments of the education in the various states where teachers are supposed to educate the students on how to pass exams instead of teaching children on true essence of the subject. The aim of the teachers is to train the students so that they can get the test correctly. Due to the style of learning used at the high schools, students are unprepared for the college level writings since they lack skills for creating a sophisticated piece of paper (Tyre, Peg.205). This paper will discuss why students from high school are not prepared for college writings. To begin with, students from high schools are not prepared for college writings since they have no skills on object based writing skills. The teachers do not explain to students what matters most in English writing. In this skill of writing ideas are what matters most in the writing. Ideas are derived from the objects. Object oriented writing is important as it enables the writer to pass ideas about the subject one is writing about. “Ideas are what matter,” Bernadette said confidently. “Getting them to define and handle ideas is what’s important, not things.” Majority of the learners from high school to the colleges have essays work which is difficult to understand since they do not pass on ideas clearly. They abstract the ideas such that they cannot understood easily. The use of abstract words instead of the ideas multiplies in the essay making it hard to be understood. The students from high school concentrates on tools to pass the tests but not knowing how to write good essays. Therefore teachers should teach the students on how to use object oriented skills of writing (Fish 50).This will enable the students to avoid use of abstract words in their college writings. According to Tyre, Peg (205), students at the high school level lacks preparedness to college level writings. They lack summarizing and quoting skills which are not learn at high schools due to nature of the education system. The education system is geared towards passing tests that will enable their graduation. At college level quoting the texts and summarizing arguments makes it important for effective writing. Even if one has clear points and has not quoted effectively, writing cannot be effective. The citing skills are also important for college level writings. The students at high school should learn how to cite, quote texts and summarize their arguments.

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