College Failure

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I was having a hard time with this subject at first. Then I watched Chelsea (my soon to be step daughter) who had recently graduated High School. Chelsea has been having a hard time adjusting to her classes.

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I have been trying to figure this out, because I had planned on her helping me through college. Now, I have been the one helping her through this process. At first, I just thought it was complete laziness keeping her from realizing her potential. Then I realized that a number of different factors have been holding her back. I will attempt to identify the causes for college course failure among students. In the end, I hope the causes for this epidemic will help those who are graduating from high school. Those who are going back to school and educators in general.

It is easy to put the blame on laziness. Professors and parents often believe the reason for failing grades is the lack of participation by the student. They could be right in some cases, but more often than not they are wrong. Picture this, a student comes home from school they grab something to eat and then they head to their room. Common sense will tell you that what they should do is start on their homework. The reality is that they start watching youtube or messaging their friends on facebook. I have seen this time and time again in my own house. What if the reason for this is not what it seems?

In high school, I have notice vastly different teaching techniques than what I remember.

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