College announcement notification system – Sunway University

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Chapter 1: Introduction


This project proposal is created to propose an IT solution to the student of Sunway University. The main point that the author want to highlight is regarding the efficiencies for student in Sunway University. An example, inefficiencies that occur in posting the announcement that is post on the website or in the notice board, it is hard to inform to the student and also the staff may also forget to post the announcement that will inconvenient for the student itself.

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In order to solve those problems, the author proposed to create a website as a third party for the staff to post the announcement. The author feel that only a website is very simple and common nowadays, so to improve the effectiveness and give more efficiency, a SMS (Short Messaging Service) feature is added to the system. Every announcement is posted by the SCT Staffs in the website, a SMS notification will be sent to the student that already registered to the website. The content of the SMS just a brief notification about the title of the event, venue and time, for more brief detail the students can refer to the website. Other way to notify the students is used Email as an instant notifier, but consider using email as an instant notifier is not really effective because students didn’t open their email every day but using the SMS as the instant notifier to notify the students are more effective because most of the student is own and bring their own cell phone, therefore the MS as an instant notifier is more appropriate. Since the advancement of the technology nowadays, using this system will help in reduce the paper usage.

Project Objective

  • To give efficiencies for staff of Sunway University who want to post announcement.
  • To use SMS as an instant notifier, for example every announcement post on the website the student will receive a SMS about the annoncement.
  • In long term of view, this system will help in notify student about things that happen in college.

Project Scope

  • To become the most useful media for announcement notification.
  • When the system is run it involves the Sunway University students and staffs that want to use the service.
  • The user of the system should be students of Sunway University and staffs.
  • All users that want to use the system have to become member.


Methodology is a formalized approach to implement the SDLC (System Development Life Cycle). There are many different systems development methodologies, and each one is unique based on the order and focus it places on each SDLC phase.

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