Cloning and Identity

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Can you imagine another identical of you? Well considering that there is no law against it, scientist has done experiments relating to this issue, it’s called cloning. Reasoning why scientist want to do cloning is because they want to save the endangered species. Some back-ground knowledge to know what cloning is, a clone is producing asexually, meaning it is the exact replica of the parent.

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Dolly the sheep was the first cloned mammal. And finally, the only endangered animals so far, they have cloned was cows, oxen, sheeps, and wolves. Two unfortunate things that occurred as a result in this experiment is there is no genetic diversity and the cloned animals may have health problems. However, knowing the back-ground knowledge there two types of cloning, therapeutic and reproductive.

Therapeutic cloning is the used of cloning for medical purposes, it is stem cells that can help cells generate new body parts. It can also supply to treat human diseases. And the last type of cloning is Reproductive cloning, is the use of one embryo into multiple identical people. That being said cloned animals can expressed different features during their development. It is also used to produced animals with desirable traits, including agriculture products, therapeutic agents and restoring endangered animals.

Two ethical reasoning that why people would want to clone is because it saves the extinction of the universe reasoning why people would want to argue this matter is because there is so many theories going around on how this earth is dying and their will be no future for humans. However, if they can solve this with sending clones to other planets that can still take the same requirements that we need to live,

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