Climate Change Refugees

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Environmental refugees: The dawn of the 21st century has brought about many climatic calamities. The most significant is climate change with all its relative environmental and social issues. It is confirmed that climate change will inevitably cause critical rises in sea levels due to global warming and melting polar ice caps, unpredictable and extreme climatic trends and dramatically decreased habitability of some sovereign lands for examples hurricanes, floods and volcanoes etc.

There is a risk that carry-on effects will continue displace regions and further degrade the environment, post-mitigation. Residents of these nations can be temporarily or permanently displaced from their homeland. These environmentally displaced persons would be nominally known as environmental refugees. Currently, the concept of an environmental refugee is not officially acknowledged throughout the world. This is proved the fact that no international legal consensus has seriously considered the existence of ‘environmental refugees‘. Mr.

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Essam El-Hinnawi in a report named Environmental Refugees1firstly defined environmental refugees as “those people who have been forced to leave their traditional habitat temporarily or permanently, because of a marked environmental disruption… that jeopardized their existence and or seriously affected the quality of their life” These environmental refugees arises many issues. Firstly, It regards to definition of “environmental refugees” since it would be abused if there is no clear and official definition. Secondly, it is question about immigration to new host nations.

Who will be responsible to help these people? There is a call for setting up new convention or alternatively amending the pre-existing convention to protect environmental refugees. Last but not least, It is about the feasibility that these environmental displaced persons persist maintaining their nation’s sovereignty after building up new life in the new nations.

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