Climate Change and the California Wildfires

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Dominique Bowie Climate Change and the California Wildfires Your Class Instructor name August 13th 2010 The world around us is forever changing. Things don’t ever quite stay the same do they? Over the year there have been changes in politics, traditions, and even television. The list could go on and on. With that being said, there is one element of the world where change could drastically impact our futures and that of our loved ones. Our surrounding Environment is becoming more complicated and fragile on a yearly basis.

Studies by scientist all over the world show that are world could be destroyed if we all don’t do our part to keep it clean and save energy. Decreasing fuels and recycling has to be done to limit the effects of climate change. The effects from not taking care of our surroundings is can be disastrous! No where has this been more apparent then in the state of California. California is The state of Glitz and Glamour. The state is known for having an A list of many of the biggest stars in America. The state is also becoming increasingly know for its wildfires.

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Every year you turn on your television set and during the summer months into September you see wild Brush Fires that ignite and rage out of control. The Results have been costly and tragic. Over the Years, Millions of acres of land has been charred and destroyed. Thousands of lives have been effected and changed forever by these fires Many have lost there homes to the fires unrelenting power. It seems that every year the fires are getting harder to control and require more manpower, which is costly to a state that has one of the highest unemployment percentages in the nation.

The Wildfires of the year 2003 will be remembered as a nightmare for many. The California Wildfires of 2003 will long go down as one of the most catastrophic events that has ever taken place in California. During The month of October 2003 the Wildfires ravaged the state so bad that people were wondering if all the crews and fire fighters would ever be able to get the brush fires under control. The Devastation took the lives of 22 people, destroyed 3,500 homes and Charred more than 750. 000 acres of land.

The continuous television coverage of the fires raised the awareness of some elements that played a role in the fires lasting so long. California has some glaring characteristics that make it more susceptible to Having these types of wildfires. California is has a climate that is forever changing and getting worse by the minute. One thing that has been noticeable is that California has been going through a drought of sorts in respect to precipitation.

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