Clarifying Doubts about Nuclear Energy

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Clarifying Doubts about Nuclear Energy


Thesis Statement:

This research paper seeks to highlight the history, dynamics of technology development of nuclear energy, and strategies contributing to the economic growth of countries that utilize nuclear power as a source of energy. MAYBE:people’s attitude towards

History of Nuclear Energy

The story behind the discovery of nuclear energy began with passionate scientists, who started studying and investigating the composition of atoms and its ability to produce energy. Atom, which is a Greek word, defines unseen shape or phenomena and it represents the smallest element of matter. In 1900, Earnest Rutherford, Physicist, was called the father of nuclear science due to his experiments and research which helped  define the structure of the atom. However, thirty-four years later, Enrico Fermi was amazed when he noticed that bombarding the Uranium with neutrons resulted in producing several elements even lighter than Uranium. This observation opened the door for scientists like  Lise Meitner, Fritz Strassmann, and Otto Hahn to conduct more in-depth experiments. Later, Lies figured out that the mismatch in calculation was due to the  lighter elements of the atomic mass. As a result, fission,which is the mechanism of splitting the nucleus, was proven since it complied with Einsteun’s Law of mass and energy. In 1942, the first self-sustaining experiment was conducted in the University of Chicago, sparking to the nuclear era (U.S. Department of Energy, 1995).

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        During World War II, a whole body of research was conducted on weaponizing this atomic energy and using it as a massive destruction weapon. For example, in 1945, Manhattan Project was the cover name for this type of research in the United States. First experiment was executed in Almogordo, New Mexico. After the use of atomic massive weapons, namely Little Boy and Fat Man, the world began to realize how dangerous  this technology could be? In response to that devastating event,, in 1946, the US congress established the Atomic Energy Commission for the sake of managing and promoting  the peaceful use of nuclear energy (U.S. Department of Energy, 1995).

        In the 1950s, the objective of atomic energy was aimed to the production of electrical energy. Many electrical power plants were established either for commercial or military use. The reactors were simple in technology and used water to cool them down. In addition, companies started to invest in this kind of light-water reactor and its operations. However, in 1979, one of the commercial reactors in Pennsylvania, Three Mile Island power plant, had a major accident due to failure in cooling system, which, in turn,  led to a meltdown and released hazardous radiation to the environment. Both the regulations and safety measures were changed following the aftermath of this accident. The worst major meltdown however took place in  Chernobyl,

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