Civil War Spies

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Ever wonder how people back then got their information needed to figure out who their enemies or who were the ones that went behind their back? Well you see back then people didnt get their information needed off the internet or from any electronic sources. Instead how most people got their information was through people who were considered as spies. Back then all their information was from out through spies. Spies from the civil war were people who would be under cover and find information of their enemies and report it back to their general.

Even when the Union or the Confederacy had a good type of of military. All of their knowledge helped them throughout the civil war. But, as said before ever side had their own spies who helped them get the information needed from the other side to which they were against. Around the mid 1861, the General George B. McClellan hired the a detective who was named Allan Pinkerton to set up the first union espionage which was a organization. Allan Pinkerton was the founder of of his own detective agency which was located in Chicago. After Pinkerton collected some intelligence and gave all the information that he had collected and then reported it back to the Union general which was general George B. McClellan was the only general that Pinkerton worked for.

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Rose ONeal Greenhow was one of the first spies that Pinkerton was going after. A little after the first battle of the Bull Run, Pinkerton caught Rose and put her under surveillance but then later they captured her. Luckily, Greenhow was freed in July 1862,

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