Civil War And Its Consequences

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The civil war was one of the biggest events our nation edured. Four years of gruesome battle over freedom and equality. It changed our nation and it changed us. The war itself started in 1861 on April 12th. However the issues of the civil war started long before that. The consequences would last centuries.

In 1619 servants were purchased from a dutch ship. Soon they would become slaves to their masters. From that point on, one by one the colonies began to legalize slavery. They began to recognize a ?need for slaves to prosper in life. In 1688 Quakers, a big religious group at the time, began to protest the inappropriateness of slavery. They argued it was improper of christian people to own slaves and to give them unfair treatment. In 1739 the first violent rebellion of slaves happened in South Carolina. By this time many slaves had already began to run away to territories where they would be considered free and not property. By july of 1776 the colonies had declared their independence from great britain. The founding fathers of america create the Declaration of independence that states all men are created equal.

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However, the statement doesnt seem entirely true as the writers are slave owners and slavery and discrimination is still present. A year later the colony Vermont is the first to stop slavery in the area. Then in 1780 Pennsylvania would become the first state to slowly abolish slavery. 1783 marks the year african americans are allowed to vote in Massachusetts. Although it wouldn’t be till 1870, almost a century later, that all african americans would be given the right to vote. Slaves were still running for their freedom but in 1793 the Fugitive Slave Act was passed by congress. Allowing runaway slaves to be arrested or returned to their previous slave owners. This was not a working system because many people could lie about a man stating he was previously a slave even if he was not owned by them. In addition to the return of previous slaves, people who helped slaves run away or helped in the protection of them, paid fines up to $500 dollars. Slaves still continue to run away and start rebellions that are violent and big. Later the underground railroad would form. A system to help slaves escape to north for freedom.

Congress then, in 1807, bans the importation of new slaves to the american states, territories and colonies. The missouri compromise of 1821 would then divide the slave states from the free states. States then continue to abolish slavery while others decide to legalize it. Abolitionist begin to write about bringing an end to slavery causing the murder of some. States are added to the nation as more and more slaves run for freedom.

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