Civil Laws and Protection The Rights of Citizens

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Civil laws are set of rules and obligations that protect the rights of citizens and it also goes through some area of laws such as contracts, salaries, taxes and property and family law. The origin of the civil laws came from ancient Rome which they were used the doctrines to improve some rules that might be helped to determined how some lawful issues could determined in order to resolve these issues.

According to Thoreau, the governments can be very excellent when the governors not control their people but the should help them as much as they can. Also, there are two different types of the governments which are expedient (appropriate, useful, pragmatic and suitable) and inexpedient (inappropriate, improper and wrong). Thoreau mentioned that the standing army is the most valuable and important part of the standing government. Any government around the world has been chosen by its people so that the people themselves are responsible for who they should be picked in forming their government not the governors.

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The law and obligations were enforced by the governments to the people but here is the thing some governments arent do good with their people and this is what is called a dictatorial government which represent any system of government which results in the concentration of power on to a individual person, these kind of governments do not serve the rights of their people and try to keep controlling them all the time. When the power is handed by people this is allowed to let the majority is permitted. But any government that based on the majority,

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