“Civil Disobedience” by Henry David Thoreau

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Henry’s essay on civil disobedience was established in 1849 as a form of resistance to poor governance. It is one of the most important works in American history as it deals with the rights as well as the responsibilities of citizens in view of the government. The essay has been used to legalize efforts to peaceful protests and resistance so as to cause a government change in the government policies that are found to be unjust and are at times used to completely change the government.

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He argues that the first duty of each and every citizen is to do what they identify as right and not to pursue what is stated by the law of the common. In cases where the government is unjust, the citizens should refuse to follow the law and isolate themselves from the government. A person is thus not responsible for eliminating evil in the society, but rather the citizens are compelled refute from taking place in these evils. This involves one not being a member of an unfair organization such as the government. He goes on ahead to argue that the United States fits into this category of having an unfair control, given its participation in slavery and in its practice of the violent war. He, therefore, demands civil disobedience from his fellow citizens so as to correct the errors of the government in relation to the war of his time. This disobedience remains to be important to the present day. Civil disobedience is therefore crucial in ensuring that the government does not surpass border in its role.

Civil disobedience is important as it supports the various concerns within the state’s government. It is therefore carried out as a response to some of the breakdown in the system for the citizen’s involvement in the decision-making process. This breakdown is viewed as a democratic deficit and with such deficit in the state; it may be inevitable to have a dialogue on real democracies. The disobedience carried out to correct these deficits may be viewed as reflectors to the varying degrees of the citizen’s sensitivity to democratic models. Civil disobedience thus remains to be a very vibrant portion of the liberal democracies. Civil disobedience is therefore always a matter of disparity of wellbeing in the society. it is always caused by an infringement of the moral principles by the government and defends these standards by undertaking the acts of disobedience. The only way to prevent these acts of disobedience is through making the laws of the people to support not only the wellbeing of the majority but rather it takes into consideration the importance of other people’s well being too.

In support of Henry’s view, the true nobility is attained from civil disobedience, according to the validation of the individual,

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