Civil Disobedience as a Movement

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During the years the most important events in the world, have started by someone who raised their voice on an injustice, a conflict, a disagreement. This referring to changes and improvements for a society, protests are all over the history and until now the still being an important cause of change, even for good or bad. But there are many opinions if either is a good behavior or not, if it follows the laws or break them.

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Society involves different groups and cultures, from here is that the disagreements start, because communities have different opinions and want to be heard, if it were not for those who claim their rights, there would be no egalitarian justice. Protests not only raise awareness, but it also raise rejection for those who interpret it as a criminal conduct and an infraction of law; and to be honest there will always be a thin line between crime and civil disobedience.

Protests shouldnt be qualified as crimes, they are an important step to changes and rights, if they are made with reciprocity nobody can deny the right of a group or person to raise their voice, society went trough so many improvements for people because of this kind of civil disobediences and there are many factors to judged this movements as civil disobedience. In a society exists different groups and cultures, ruled by a hegemony class and constituting of subculture and counterculture, therefore subordinated groups need to be represented and not be an indifferent part of society. Hegemony is the ruling class in a society, which maintains effective control over some subject group, the models of society imposed by a ruling elite, named the upper class. The influence generated in other social groups comes from the hegemony class, through this hegemony is added a trace of power, influence and hierarchy; hegemony is the sociocultural political articulation mode that imposes, reaffirms and recreates the dominant power in economy, politics and culture.

Culture being the general group identity, also involves sub-cultures being a part of the larger culture, is a sub-division that results from the combination of factors such as social class, ethnic, beliefs, practices, and values. Sub-cultures are an important influence around the hegemony, domination and resistance: the search of disagreement with hegemonic ideas, attitudes and values that distance itself from the dominant and parental culture. In relation with this the counterculture is a subculture that represent the evolution of expressions cultural alternatives to a system,

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