Citizenship Contrast

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In the United States of America, there are several ways to become a citizen, the easiest being born on American soil. You can participate in electing our government officials if you wish and enjoy all the rights we are guaranteed. In the film Starship Troopers, which is based upon the science fiction novel by Robert Henilein, citizenship must be earned. By examining the movie and evaluating citizenship from the American and Terran Federation perspectives, finding the meaning of citizenship was both thought-provoking and enlightening.

In the film, Starship Troopers, the setting is Earth, in the future, in an area known as Buenos Areas. The major characters are four young adults, Johnny Ricco, Dizzy Flores, Carmen Ibanez, and Carl Jenkins. The storyline follows these individuals through their journey of obtaining citizenship by signing up for service through the government, known as the Terra Federation. Johnny and Dizzy are assigned to the infantry, Carmen becomes a pilot and Carl is assigned to intelligence. Once this group of friends disperse and enter their training, the prime focus revolves around the bugs of unusually large sizes, who’s objective is to colonize all planets, including earth. The main emphasis concentrates on Johnny Ricco, who comes from a wealthy family who is against his decision to join the Federation. His father insists he attend Harvard and orders Johnny to leave when he ultimately chooses service. There are your typical Hollywood add ins dealing with love and loss, particularly with Johnny and Dizzy. There is an accidental death during training which Johnny is partially responsible for. After his harsh punishment, Johnny decides to quit the infantry. Before he leaves, there is word that earth has been attacked by bugs, and Buenos Areas is practically decimated. Johnny decides he needs to stay to fight the bugs that destroyed his home town, helping human civilization prevail.

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The bugs outsmart the humans several times, destroying many the infantry, wounding Johnny severely. Once he regains his strength and proves he’s an exceptional member of the infantry, Johnny is promoted to a higher rank. The humans wise up and come up with new strategies to take the bugs out, partaking in air attacks to lighten the bug load on the ground. Eventually Johnny finds the main bug called the brain bug, with help from two pilots, one of which being Carmen. They find the bug with its army of protector bugs deep inside a cavern in the mountains on a bug colonized planet. The brain bug is enormous and resembles an actual brain. Its pinkish grey hue, slug like movements and googly eyes should not deceive you, as there is a large tentacle that emerges from the bug that stabs humans in the head to suck out their brains. Johnny, Carmen and a few other infantry members escape the brain bug and its army of other bugs,

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