Christopher McCandless vs Jon Krakauer

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McCandless vs Krakauer: their parallels and different endings

Initially assigned to write an article about Christopher McCandless, Jon Krakauer, an illustrious outdoor writer felt deeply fascinated and sympathized towards this young strange man whom he shared quite a few common traits. Krakauer defends McCandless so emphatically as a result of his wanderlust soul, a complicated relationship with his father and near-death experiences.

One can easily identify the similarities between Krakauer and McCandless in Into the Wild (1996), they both carried perilous voyagers into the cold and harsh land of Alaska in their 20s with a love for outdoor and nature. They also shared complicated relationships with their fathers. Chapter 14 and 15 of Into the wild were dedicated to Jon Krakauer own life story (1996). It could be the ingenuity of Krakauer to signify how every decision of his and Christopher McCandless mattered in life or death. The youthful rage towards their fathers was one of the main forces that drove them to the wild. Krakauer was tired of his father’s expectations, trapped and suffocated by his father vision. I had a knack for living up to the old man’s worst expectations he confessed (Krakauer, 1996, p158). Exhausted to live his life the way his father wanted Life, as he saw it, was a contest. He was ambitious in the extreme, and like Walt McCandless. (Krakauer, 1996, p159), Krakauer decided that he would not turn into the replicate version of his father and rebelled. For Christopher McCandless, his fury was fueled by discovering his father hidden past. His whole childhood as he knew was a lie. Walt McCandless had a two families lifestyle. Chris felt betrayed as he unveiled this scandalous truth. The quote of Thoreau in his book Walden Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me the truth indicated Christopher’s fury towards his parents. (1854) In 2014, the final piece of the puzzle named Christopher McCandless was revealed by his sister Carine. In her biography The Wild Truth, Chris’s little sister Carine revealed that her brother and she were the victims of domestic violence and mental abuse by their father (2014).

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