Christopher Columbus And The Discover Of America

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They were times of discovery. The new caravels looked like the safest ships you could think of. Together with the newly invented compass and the sextant, they urged sailors to venture into the seas. On the other hand, in 1453, the Turks entered Constantinople (and since then they called it Istanbul), closing the Mediterranean for trade with the Indies. This event represented a blow to the European kingdoms, as it meant the consolidation of a powerful empire that controlled part of the Mediterranean Sea and even represented a threat to them.

Closure of trade routes

In addition to seizing Constantinople, the Turks closed the path of European merchants who sought to acquire goods from the East and established strict control over these products. From that moment, finding a new route to the Indies became a vital necessity. Portugal already had much invested looking for the route to the Indies traveling east, bordering the coast of Africa, where they had even found some gold. Travel to India was a very good business, they gave profits of 1,000 percent. But investing in looking for the road to the Indies traveling to the West was very risky. Historians investigate who financed the first trip of Columbus. Queen Isabel had already spent all her jewels in the war to drive the Moors out of Spain. The historian Salvador de Madariaga mentions two important loans from new Christians, one from the Pinz?n family, another from the Sanngel bank.

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The historian Cecil Roth also found other loans to the kings of Spain before the first trip of Columbus, the Genoese bankers Spinola, Di Negri and Berardi. The Genoese were not descendants of converts, but they liked to invest in maritime discovery companies. The Discovery of America is a historical event that has marked the history of both Spain and America. It is also called “the meeting of two worlds”. It was on October 12, 1492, when Christopher Columbus, a Genoese navigator, discovered a new continent without realizing it.During the time of Christopher Columbus, fifteenth century it was believed that there was only one way to reach the Asian continent.

Christopher Columbus, as a child, was always interested in geography, navigation, maps and other aspects that made Columbus curious to discover another way to reach the East Indies and find great wealth. The idea of Columbus was that, because the Earth was round, it could reach the west. He presented his plan to the King of Portugal, but he rejected it, saying that he demanded too much. Columbus did not give up, he was still looking for a way for someone to support him with his trip. The friar Juan Porez, who had a lot of influence with the Catholic Monarchs in Spain, helped them give him financial help for his trip.

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