Christianity And Ancient Egyptian Mythology

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Religion has always been a strange but brightening subject of surprises and discussion, especially when comparing and contrast two different faiths. The path down that road is a rough one ahead with many twists and turns. From rituals to the concept of souls, Christianity and Ancient Egyptian Mythology can seem quite different, but these two faiths are actually rather close.

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Wep Ronpet to New Year’s Day, it can all seem as though it is being repeated. The cultures may be extremely different, but the faith is not. Prayer is a large part of any religion. In Christianity, prayer can either be private or as a community, depending on preference and can be done by yourself or by a priest. Many religious is a good mix of private and community prayer, instead of one or the other. Many formal things must be done by a priest including most Baptisms, Communion, and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Christians have a similar ritual to the cleansing bath of the Ancient Egyptians but it is usually a once in a life time thing that can be for any person, not just a member of clergy.

Baptism, which can be done at any age, is a ritual that many Christians consider important for a relationship with God to be healthy. A priest can either use the immersion tradition, which submerges the person under water fully, or they can pour holy water on top of the person’s head. Baptism is seen as a way to get right with God, even though this contradicts the New Testament which says work is not needed to gain salvation. The symbolism of baptism is quite clear. When a person gets immersed in the water, they are showing the picture of Christ dying but when they immerge, it is said that they are rising with Him. It is shown as a picture of rebirth that marks an outward sign of an inward change. As much of a tradition it is, many believe baptism is overemphasized and not needed for salvation. Communion, or the Eucharist, is considered one of the most sacred rituals in Christianity. It is seen as a remembrance and celebration to Jesus Christ. The ritual itself is simple but rather important to most Christians throughout the world. The bread and wine are thought of as the body and blood of Christ. The presence of Christ is made spiritually real in and through them, because they are unchanged elements that are used as symbols in communion. In Christianity, sin is prevalent theme in the faith that can be offset somewhat by Sacrament of Reconciliation, or Confession.

Confession is a ritual that helps people cope with sin and also gain guidance and advice in their time of need. Christian scholars say that human nature is weakened by the Original Sin.

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