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Every year, Oregon reports about 378 suicides related to gun, 63 homicides that are gun-related, over 160 nonfatal gun shootings, and up to 138 accidental shootings. The state has been paying a fine annually for this increased rate of crime which according to Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence comes to $2.6 billion (Whitney). This fact shows the importance of implementing gun control measures all over Oregon to ensure safety in public institutions such as schools, business premises, places of worship, and homes.

The incidences of shootings in schools and other institutions of learning have been on the rise, which forms a very dark chapter. It is, therefore, long overdue for the relevant stakeholders to discuss the benefits of gun control for public safety in schools. Most of the shooting cases in Oregon schools are executed using legally purchased firearms. Close to 75% of the guns involved in the shootings are legally purchased by the owners.

This fact indicates that the move to control gun ownership will help reduce the risks of gun violence in schools.
Gun violence leads to serious economic repercussions. Businesses and other economic ventures within Oregon have, for a long time, faced the loss of profitable ventures due to gun violence. A good example is the case reported by the Giffords Group estimating the annual costs to be more than $2.6 billion. Gun violence victims are greatly affected economically; they are liable to experience huge losses due to absence of wages during the affected period and medical expenditure. Gun control measures will, therefore, significantly help in reducing these economic losses and boost economic growth.

One of the fatal shootings witnessed in places of worship in the United States is the November 5th 2017 mass shooting that took place at the First Baptist church in Texas’

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