Choices To Ensure Sameness

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This community is perfectly planned out, a place in what seems to be perfect community, In this community from the age of one your life is already planned out. Your childhood will last until the age of 12, this when you receive your job assignments. You will work with no worries about difficult, no choices, or overwhelming emotions or when your time is through.This society, its citizen of choices to ensure sameness, equality and fairness.

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This is shows the bad side of living in a perfect world, and shows how the little choices you have, and living in the perfect world lacking of choices.

The citizen in this society have no choices about anything except where volunteer, this citizen are also stripped of many powerful and irreplaceable emotions and lastly the respect for human life has been completed demolished. Having your life planed out for you is normal but the point where you are have very little freedom to choose, they dont decide what they want to eat or wear, much less what they want to the rest of their life. It is almost as if choosing the wrong shirt could possibly endanger the entire community,This suggest Jonas or the rest of community dont get to decide what they wear.

I believe making choices is a significant part of our life. Making choices help develop the sense of responsibility and independence without choices, feelings, happiness, The giver are not truly discover themselves as an individuals. The citizen dont know how to appreciate the joys in their lives because they have never felt loneliness,

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