Childhood Milestones

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The area of psychology that the article, 9 Childhood Milestones and the Right Time to Reach Them by Nancy Rones deals with is the growing stages of a young child. As learned throughout Psychology 1010, there are many different steps that a child must fulfill to be able to fully develop. As learned in Psychology 1010, Jean Piaget, was a brilliant psychologist that developed four main stages of intellectual/cognitive development.

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In his third stage, the concrete operational stage, he describes this stage to be for 7 to 12 year olds. In this stage Piaget states this is the time for the development of organized and rational thinking to occur. Also in this stage, children begin to think logically and operationally. If the stage is fulfilled correctly, children can apply logic to physical objects, numbers, and understand the volume of objects, but not an overall meaning. Therefore, children have the ability to solve problems in a logical manner, but they cannot think abstractly or in hypothetical situations.

There are many exciting, important, and interesting aspects about the 9 Childhood Milestones and the Right Time to Reach Them article that lead to the publication in the popular press. It is interesting because it looks at many factors that a child displays growing up. For example, it explains how children nowadays should be more comfortable with a phone at a much younger age than they used to be. The article states that a child should be able to talk on the phone when they are finally able carry a solid conversation. This age (as the article notes) is from about age 5 to age 6. In my eyes that seems fairly young for a child to be using technology.

Although, the article was published for parents to be notified that knowing how to talk on a phone is very important in the modern world. Which makes sense, because in the modern world technology is so heavily used, so everyone needs to know how to generally use it. If a child is stuck at school and they do not know their parents phone number or how to use a phone, they could be left in a scary and uncomfortable situation. In the Parents magazine article, Sally Tannen, the director of the 92nd Street Y Goldman Center for Youth and Family, in New York City, states Kids need to learn phone etiquette and to feel comfortable talking to grown-ups (Rones, 2018). Therefore, by learning how to talk on the phone, also teaches young children how to properly speak to older individuals which is important for their full development.

The science of Psychology has to say that the topic of children and technology is highly important for a child’s development as a child. In the childhood study titled,

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