Child Labour In Pakistan

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According to International Labour Organization child labour is well-defined a work that has the potential to destroy children’s childhood. This make a huge impact on their self-respect and it is also very dangerous for their growing physical body moral and mental progress. And interferes with their education either by not sending them to attend schools giving up school prematurely without giving them primary education and driving them to combine school attendance and hard work.

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now there is another side and that is called child work we will talk about this later but according to ILO its be contingent upon age of the child type and hours of work performed working circumstances as well as the growth stage of individual countries.

But before we get in to this lets look why child labour exist?

Child labours have effects on almost 150 million children worldwide. The sequence of poverty is one of the biggest contributing factors to child labour in today’s world. Children are forced to do job into a unsafe physically demanding jobs because many poor households use the majority of their income on food and in some countries it’s been reported to forcing parents to send or sell their children into the workforce in order to make ends meet. Other issues include culture and tradition market demand poor implementation of legislation and barriers to education.

Today farming remains one of the most dominant sectors of child labor with accounting for 59 percent of child laborers worldwide. These children have been forced to give up school sports play and sometimes even their families and homes to work under unsafe harmful unhealthy and abusive circumstances.

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