Child behavior

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Child behavior is the most important factor when raising and trying to make sure your child has a proper development. Developing your child emotions and behavior to the point when both you and your child understand it, could lead to proper coping which can easily be achieved for the parent’s/parent and child. Many disorders can start to originate and show signs in children within the age of 5 years old. Although you child may start to show the signs and become a problem, that doesn’t mean he/she is doing it on purpose. A lot of parents tend to get upset and blame the child for their actions when neither of them understand it. Which is why I find it important for a parent to see a doctor when the child gets older for a proper diagnostics.

Dealing with a child’s behavior doesn’t always involve mental attention. Childhood behavior requires all forms of mental, psychical, and emotional attention. If a child’s behavior isn’t addressed at a early age , younger children tend to carry a violent or destructive behavior as they get older, some may enforce it on others psychically. For example, students who go through early trauma involving the absence of behavioral guidance from their parents or others result to bullies. Child behavior has a lot to do with how the parents can relate and connect with their children during the early stages of development. When a child is unable to verbally express how he/she is feeling, children will be left in a confused state,which is why all parents should always be able to recognize and identify key signs regarding their child’s behavior.

Child behaviour has been one of the most important topics psychologist have been studying. A psychologist named Sigmund Freud who developed the Psychoanalytic Theory, overall in my opinion this theory connects with the behavior of children and is a very interesting theory. This theory includes five psycho-sexual stages, the first one is called the “Oral Stage”. The “Oral Stage” develops with eating and how kid’s emotions recuperate involving food. The second stage is called the “Anal Stage”, the “Anal Stage” develops the liking or disliking in authority, its somewhat beneficial to the parent and child but can go both ways.

For example, if a parent isn’t making sure the child is under the right authority, can deprive him/her the necessitates regarding a healthy development,the child may then grow up and become anally retentive as they say. There are three other important stages such as the “Phallic, Latency, and Genital Stage”. All are very important when it comes to making sure a eighteen month old baby develops the proper habit leading to a twelve year old and older.

Aggression and the environment of it can affect anyone and anything around it, including your children, especially your children. Aggression and all the other different types of aggression on how someone can enforce it onto a situation or person which plays a big part in early development .

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