Child Abuse in the United States

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Child abuse is a strong topic that many people in United States have trouble talking about it. The foster care rates have gone higher for every child that goes in the states system. Children does not know right from wrong when it comes to a child that is 10 years old and younger.

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Child Protective Services (CPS) has different cases of child abuse that gets reported every ten seconds that they are children getting physically, emotionally abused,sexually abused. Children who ends up in the systems are ended up in places that where they shouldn’t belong, due to parents failing their expectations of being parents, or people who made it seem like they care about the children but instead end up abusing the children.

Neglect it is a type of child abuse that can be caused by lack of hygiene, how the child dresses on the daily, their body changes its weight because they don’t have the proper nutrition in their bodies. In Oklahoma a three -year old girl was found wandering near highway US 62. Parents identified that the child was missing that she belong to them and also said they had a 1 year old is at home by herself. Police said that when they entered the home they noticed a heavy odor of feces, and urine. A police officer noticed a baby that had a diaper,that must have been a day old with a strong amount of urine and feces running down the baby’s leg. The police officer took the baby to get washed in the sink and notices pieces of skin falling from the child’s buttocks because of the feces. They found rodent feces, dried milk from a sippy cup and it appeared that had feces as well on the food. Police found drug paraphernalia inside the home, the parents had been arrested for child neglect and the children were taken to protective custody. The three year old girl was just scared and looking for her parents to give her food. In this article there was so much neglect with these children.(, 2018)

An another way neglect can cause a child is that their parents can be drug addicts or alcoholics. The parents will choose to buy drugs or alcohol than to buy food for their children.

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