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HIP 1: Charles VII- King of France

In this episode, the focus is on Charles VII, the King of France from 1422 till his death. He was born on February 22, 1403 as the fifth son to Charles VI. He was referred to as the well-served or the victorious. Prior to his ascendancy into the kingship, he was opposed by Henry VI of England who had ruling servants in parts of Paris. His success was questioned by the English. However, his crowning in 1429 was quite famous thanks to the wishes of John-of-Arc to set the French free from English occupation. Charles VII had to flee in May 1418 after a battalion of Duke of Burgindy (John) tried to capture Paris. He attempted a diplomatic reconciliation a year later to the Duke. This failed and he had to make a follow up on the bridge of Montreau. In the final meeting, his men set upon the unsuspecting duke and killed him. He is reported to have been oblivious of this. However, his involvement was later questioned. This furthered the mistrust between his family and the Duke’s. His adolescence was a mark of bravery. I led an army against the English but suffered humiliation when he once had to withdraw against Henry V. His parents were not pleased and lashed at me for being a failing heir to the throne. In the thick of this controversy, Charles fled to the Queen Yolande of the Four Kingdoms of Aragon to whose daughter, Marie, he got married. An important factor that led to his success was his support for the powerful and the wealthy family of his wife, Marie. His greatest love was his mistress. He was later crowned king after the battle at Patay on the 17th of July, 1429. He recaptured Paris and later all French territories, save for Port Calais.” Later, his reign saw a bitter struggle from his son, Louis, who became the owner of the throne as Louis VI. Although his kingship was overshadowed by the Martyrdom of his mother-in-law, Joan of Arc, he was largely credited for the success of the French Kingdom. Charles VII died on July, 22 1461.

HIP 2: Juan de Quevedo

Juan de Quevedo- Spanish-Franciscan- was born in Barcelona on 24th December, 1519. She was appointed bishop of Santa Maria at Antigua by Pope Leo X at the request of King Ferdinand becoming the first bishop on the mainland of America. I embarked at San Lucar with Padrarias Davila, then the governor of Darien. I soon found working with Pedrarias unbearable because of his acts of cruelty to Indians and rivals. The beheading of Vasco Nunez of Balboa who had discovered Pacific Ocean broke into a misunderstanding between the two of us. Charges were brought against me for violating understandings, accumulating wealth and a neglect on Indians. These accusations were never established and therefore I turned to seeking audience from Spain presenting two notifications to King Charles against Padrarias and for reducing powers of all the Governors of the New found World for better protection of the natives.

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