Character Of Baba In The Kite Runner

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Baba is Amirr’s father and a husband to Sofia Akrami: the most respected women in Kabul. His life revolved around trying to prove many people wrong that had doubted him. Many expected him to study law because his dad was a judge; however, Baba decided to not only run his own business and he becomes the richest merchants in Kabul.

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In addition, since Sofia is royal in blood, many doubt that Baba would be able to marry such a women. He perceived the world in black and white and decided which is what color. What he believes to be a sin is not drinking, but theft. Stealing away something from someone just stems or branches out to other sins that comes along with theft. He doesnt believe in such religious people like Mullah Fatiullah, referring them to bearded idiots who recited the Quran but doesnt understand a word. In addition, Baba states that they would be in a dangerous situation of Afghanistan where to fill under a self righteous religious monkey.

Baba gave Hassan for his birthday a plastic surgery procedure. For example, when Hassan had walked in the house, he was greeted by an Indian man dressed in a brown suit and red tie named Dr. Kumar from New Delhi. This present suggest that Baba has a care and showed sympathy Hassan. Baba states that although it is a weird gift, this gift was a long term gift that would last forever. While Hassan believed that it was not going to hurt, Amirr’s reaction was that Hassan was being fooled.

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