Changing Attitudes to Women in Society

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Growing up I always felt something was missing. Going to school and not being able to play sports with the boys at recess. Being told to practice cooking, and doing the laundry.

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Going out to get a job and being put told to just be a store clerk. Nothing important. We were just there. The men were the ones always able to join the military, race, do all the thrilling jobs. We are viewed as fragile and not being capable to do the things men can. But now, things are changing. Women are realizing they can, and want to do more. My name is Sarah Allen and this is my life.

The road was full of people walking left, and right, small vendors lining the sides selling clothes, fruits, and people asking for a job. My heels clicked against the stone pathway. The usual bustle of the city didn’t bother me any more as i’ve grown used to it over the years. There was one major thing that was new though. No, not a thing. An idea. A revolutionary idea. Women’s rights. Society has become the soil in which seeds grow. The idea is the seed and the women of America are the nutrients which it feeds on. I’m on my way know to meet with a group that wants to help give women the rights they want. Women want what men can do. They want equal rights. I want equal rights. News has been spreading around the U.S. Women have been holding protests and speaking out about their rights. Our group is organizing one of these protests.

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