Changes in Gender Roles

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Over the course of time, activists and other persons have advocated for equal rights between men and women in the society. A change of gender roles has seemingly become a repercussion of equal rights for both genders. Traditionally each gender had specific roles which had been allocated to them by society and these roles could not be performed interchangeably (Brym & John 288).

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The allocation of these duties was done in consideration of various factors. Some of them include the status of various persons in the society as well as the strength that is supposedly possessed by the various individuals. In the contemporary context, however, these roles have changed so that women and men are now carrying out duties which previously were thought to belong to the other gender. These changes can be attributed to various aspects of society such as unemployment, the high living standards, and changes in laws as well as technological advancements. The phenomenon emerged slowly in all societies all over the world, and to some, it was quite difficult because gender roles are a symbol of the status of an individual in society. Family structures, education, and media, have also a hand in the changing gender roles. Thus, gender roles have changed, and it has been difficult because each gender carries on the symbol of its own world with the reasons for the change in gender roles including sex role theory, professionalism, changes in laws, technology, and unemployment.

Changing social requirements as well as conventions have given room for the society to do away with the past traditional gender affiliated roles. Some societies have for a long time regarded the responsibilities of the women to be unpaid domestic work and those of men as paid work, especially white collar jobs. In others, women’s tasks were regarded as those that involved helping.’The term covers professions such as nursing, teaching and secretarial work. Other societies surprisingly view women as equals with the men and hence grant them responsibilities that are similar to those of the men and also share domestic duties between men and women. With time, the societies in the world at large have shifted from the first and second kind of societies and transformed slowly into the third type of society which recognizes women as equals with their men.

The roles which have changed include earning a living for the family, supporting and defending the family, responsibilities of taking care of children, household duties as well as working in the fields. Household responsibilities were formerly the responsibility of the women. Women were expected to remain at home, having no formal employment, to take care of the home, and carry out all the household duties. In some societies, it was a taboo to have men carry out these duties given the status which they were granted in the society.

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